Historic downtown tour through Landstuhl
 general view
first station:
The Civic Center

Civic Center Civic Center Holy Spirit Church Holy Spirit Church Old Chapel Old Chapel Protestant municipal church Protestant municipal church Mansion Benzino Mansion Benzino The Three Stones The Three Stones The Lion The Lion Main Street Main Street Manor "Sickingen" Manor "Sickingen" Castle Street Castle Street The Kurhaus The Kurhaus Old Presbytery Old Presbytery Church Street Church Street Saint Andreas Church Saint Andreas Church The sickingen-sickingen district office The sickingen-sickingen district office Old Tax Office Old Tax Office The sickingen-hohenburger district office The sickingen-hohenburger district office County courthouse County courthouse Finance authority Finance authority Emperor street Emperor street City hall City hall The Equestrian The Equestrian Mansion Didier Mansion Didier The stations can be clicked in the picture. [general tour view]
(Photography of the board at the starting point)
  1. The Civic Center
  2. The Holy Spirit Church
  3. The "Old Chapel"
  4. The Protestant municipal church
  5. The "Mansion Benzino"
  6. The Three Stones
  7. The Lion
  8. The Main Street
  9. The Manor Sickingen
  10. The Castle Street
  11. The Kurhaus
  12. The Old Presbytery
  13. The Church Street
  14. The Saint Andreas Church
  15. The sickingen-sickingen district office
  16. The Old Tax Office
  17. The sickingen-hohenburger district office
  18. The County courthouse
  19. The Finance authority
  20. The Emperor street
  21. The City hall
  22. The Equestrian
  23. The "Mansion Didier"

Perhaps the virtual tour piques your interest in the real historic downtown tour through Landstuhl.
In the real tour you will follow the arrows on the floor.
There is also the possibility of a city tour guide. => Sickingen-Tourismus

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